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Geosynthetics is a necessity of almost all civil engineering or hydraulic engineering projects.
Without it, it is impossible to achieve a satisfactory quality of construction and, we especially emphasize - the basic level of sustainable development, where we can leave future generations a reliable infrastructure, preserved resources and a healthier environment.


In erosive soil, one of the most efficient stabilization systems is certainly gabions. They can be panel or hexagonal.
They are also very decorative, so they find their application in landscape architecture.


Made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet 0.5 mm thick and high charred galvanized wires 2.5 mm thick. Each spiral circle is associated with three, five, seven or nine rows of wires connected by clips depending on the diameter of the circle. This determines the distance between the spirals.

Razor wire

We also offer various types of fences and barriers such as high security fences and sound barriers.

Fences and barriers

We have also provided complete accessories for all products. The complete solution is there, there is no waste of time looking for a specific anchor or tensioner.


In order for us to do our job with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time, we use various tools.

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