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GEOGRIDS are geosynthetic materials made of polyester threads of high strength and durability. Geogrids are protected by a polymer layer and are characterized by high tensile strength with low elongation. They are primarily developed for the purpose of reinforcing steep embankments and strengthening the ground, supporting pillars as well as supporting pillars of the bridge. USE OF GEOGRIDS - due to their high integration, they are especially suitable for strengthening medium to coarse-grained soil due to the exceptional friction property between the soil layers during their installation. Their high molecular weight enables ideal interaction with the ground (optimal shear resistance), which reduces the cost of installation work and thus favorable planning.

GEOGRIDS ARE USED for stabilization of the base during civil engineering, construction of roads and railways, they are indispensable for strengthening slopes on landfills, as well as for supporting structures, including those with a final lining of prefabricated concrete blocks. THE ADVANTAGES OF GEOGRIDS are cost reduction because their flexibility facilitates the installation process, they can be easily cut without the risk of injury as is the case with other geogrids.


Uniaxial (axial) geogrids are specially designed to be suitable for both short-term and long-term soil reinforcement applications. They are made of high modulus polyester fibers, flat-oriented knitted and covered with a protective polymer coating.


Biaxial geogrids are specially engineered materials suitable for substructural reinforcement stabilization. They are made of high modulus polyester fiber, knitted in two directions, oriented straight and covered with a protective polymer coating.


Construction projects are specific and require an individual approach. All our products we offer are developed and perfected by the thorough work of a team of experts in the field of civil engineering and terrain stabilization. With many years of experience, this has created a wide range of special construction products that have raised performance and the ability to meet all the challenges required by the project.
Technical support in the form of technical solutions, tips and suggestions for soil stabilization and landslide protection. Enormous effort, professionalism, knowledge and great respect for our clients have brought results that we are proud of and that motivate us to always be better and always one step ahead of others.
Eco goal:
Expressed ethical norms of society and concern for the future of the planet strengthen the global awareness of biodiversity, so the materials we offer are developed and tested in the laboratories of our manufacturers in the direction of minimal impact on the environment and long-term durability and persistence.
3D geogrid
Our range of 3D drainage geogrids can be used in a variety of applications such as construction, industry, parks, public areas and sports fields.
3D geogrids are made of extruded monofilaments, with designer pyramidal morphology to control erosion and soil reinforcement.
Monofilaments can be made in the required colors. They are used deep in the ground to strengthen the soil and on the surface of slopes and slopes to allow faster growth of grass on the ground as well as on riverbeds where soil or hydrogeological factors prevent it.
All these products, in addition to economic benefits, also lead to more environmentally friendly impacts compared to traditional technologies.
Monitoring innovations and listening to market demands, needs and site dynamics
Harmonization of project requirements, modern tendencies and economic and financial frameworks.

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