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Noise barriers are supplied with solid polycarbonate and acrylic panels. Thanks to sound barriers made of aluminum, solid polycarbonate and acrylic sheet metal, noise pollution has been reduced to a minimum and the quality of life of the population has increased significantly. br> In fast-growing cities, unplanned and internal development of residential and industrial areas, increasing traffic density, increasing electrical, electronic and mechanical devices in our daily lives increases noise disturbance and more and more places where people can relax and work can be reduced in short and quiet way. The goal of the noise and sound barrier is to eliminate this negative effect by reducing the noise effect and providing people with a healthier living space.

They are applied in places where it is necessary to neutralize the sound and noise of vehicles, such as:
- Tunnels
- Railways
- Highways
- Airports
- Factories

In order to raise the security and safety of facilities such as military and police, but also private, we have produced a high security panel fence. These are panels with a small eye opening, which makes it impossible to climb and skip the same and reduces the possibility of physical contact with other people. The standard dimensions of the panel are 2500mm x 2000mm.

Rockfall protection netis a steel hexagonal wire mesh used to prevent rocks and landslides from falling on roads, railways and other structures. The mesh is made of hard galvanized wire, galphane wire (Zn -95% + Al-5%) as well as with PVC coating. Rockfall protection net with PVC coating can be used in aggressive environments. In addition to galvanization, the steel wire is coated with a 0.5 mm thick PVC layer. The technical characteristics and resistance of the PVC coating to aging meet the appropriate standards. Thanks to the characteristics of a double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh, it can withstand tremendous strength and will not unravel even when the wire is torn.


The rope consists of several waists (usually 6 or 8) wrapped around a core, which can be fibrous or steel. Common rope constructions:
- winding ropes,
- ordinary ropes,
- special ropes

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