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C-rings - are used for the final connection of gabion structures by means of mechanical or pneumatic pliers. Connecting the C-rings to the strap prevents spillage during transport and operation. One string consists of 40 rings, it reduces the frequency of the load and allows to reduce the time and simplify the work.


For connecting panel gabions in addition to C rings, gabions can also be connected in spirals. The spirals are made of steel that is protected by galvanizing or an alloy of zinc and aluminum.


We have entrusted the installation and stability of the poles to the highest quality Rawplug anchors made of steel.


Gabion tensioners
To preserve the proper shape of the gabion we use tensioners and diaphragms. The diaphragms are factory-set and joined on one side for the gabion while the tensioners are mounted directly on the construction site during gabion formation. Tensioners are made of steel wire and depending on the dimensions of the gabions, their length also depends.

Cable and wire tensioners
To tighten the cable, we use a tensioner that is easy to use, whether it is tightening the cable or wire.

We use a tension wire made of galvanized steel to tighten the wire mesh fence.

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